We are not just instructors. We are motivators that will inspire you to push past your limits and comfort zone and feel empowered to be a better you! We take pride in every class and guarantee you will reach your fitness goals. We will get you to your fitness destination!


Being an athlete growing up gave me an avid love of fitness. After the birth of my first child, I took the opportunity to take my love of fitness to the next level and began to share that love with others. I since have become certified in group fitness, kickboxing, BOSU, Body Pump and Body Combat. Sharing my knowledge and passion with others and watching them become more fit and happy is the most incredible gift in the world. My mission is to spread fitness one class/one client at a time. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love. One of my favorite lines ever is STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY. - Tina lives in Chester Springs with her husband and three children.


Hi my name is Alison and I have been teaching Group Fitness classes for 9 years and became certified as a Personal Trainer 6 years ago. I started instructing group exercise classes after the birth of my 3rd child by leading Baby Bootcamp Post Natal Fitness classes. This soon lead to me becoming certified in various other group formats and ultimately becoming certified as a Personal Trainer. I have trained a variety of clients ranging from Middle School Students to Baby Boomers, individuals, couples and High School teams.Certifications:

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer – AFAA

Certified Group Exercise Instructor – AFAA

Indoor Cycling Instructor - AFAA

Body Pump and CX WORX-Les Mills

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Instructor

Baby Boot Camp Instructor  and Bootcamp Challenge - Drill Instructor


Kathy Welsch-After the birth of her daughter Alexandra, Kathy moved to the Philadelphia area to be closer to family and friends. Always enjoying a “good work-out”, she stopped by Summit Fitness to see what it was like and immediately fell in love with the staff and group fitness classes. Kathy decided to take her fitness to the next level and became certified in MADD Dog Athletics Spinning and Power Spinning  and is now a Level 2 Spin instructor. She continued to challenge herself and received her certification to teach Les Mills BODY PUMP, COMBAT, CX WORX and Beachbody Insanity.  Kathy lives with her husband and 2 children Jakob and Alexandra.


Grace’s Group Fitness Instructing career kicked off in 2008, shortly after taking her first Body Pump Class. She became addicted and quickly became certified and has not looked back! It is awesome to motivate others while doing what she loves! She subsequently became certified in Body Combat, and MADD Dog Athletics in Spinning and Power Spinning. Grace’s biggest athletic accomplishment was running the Boston Marathon. She is also the General Manager of Summit Fitness Club. 


Julie has been teaching for over 10 years. She brings an amazing level of energy and excitement to each class. She loves helping the wonderful members at Summit Fitness achieve their fitness goals and strongly believes that the “fitness factor” and the “fun factor” go hand in hand! Zumba is her true passion, but Julie enjoys teaching several other class formats as well. In addition to her Zumba certification, Julie is certified in Les Mills Body Pump, Body Combat & CXWorx; as well as Beachbody’s Insanity, Piyo Strength, Turbo Kick & Hip Hop Hustle.


Being a Division I athlete in college , and a college coach, Nicole has always been involved with athletics. Her passion for fitness led her to become a Body Combat instructor and she also has a CXWORX certification. Be prepared to work hard in Nicole’s class.


Lynn is a fully certified Pilates instructor who believes that Pilates is the ultimate form of exercise to help strengthen, lengthen and tone the body and is also an invaluable tool to assist during rehabilitation.
Her passion is to get people to feel better and to get them to do activities they think are beyond them.

Certification: AAII Phase I and II Mat Pilates


Denise was hooked after taking her first Spin class, and her love of this challenging workout led her to become an indoor cycling instructor and to open her own studio. Denise’s goal is to create an upbeat environment with a friendly staff that encourages positive thinking and real results!

She believes that the challenge indoor cycling presents pushes people to test their physical and personal limits. Denise is certified with Madd Dog Athletics in Spinning and Power Spinning.


Brenda has always been an avid exerciser. She took her first spin class at Summit Fitness in 2005 and loved the awesome workout it provided, which immediately prompted her to become an instructor. She is certified through MADD Dog Athletics in both Spinning and Power Spin and can usually be found starting off the workday mornings for the 6 a.m. spinners. Music is such an integral part of each spin class and Brenda enjoys finding just the right songs to keep motivation levels high. Oh, and be sure not to miss any of her many Theme Spins accompanied by surprising and always fascinating trivia . . . . . !


I have been a fitness instructor over 26 years, I have seen many changes come and go in this ever changing industry, the class styles, formats and many different type programs evolving into what is is today. We’ve gone from the days of Jane Fonda to Body Combat / Yoga and many other workout programs in-between. It’s been a very educational journey. Through all the changes there has always been one constant: my Goal: to provide the members with a safe and effective exercise environment, helping them to reach their goals and obtain or maintain a healthy life style and a good quality of life. Vicki is certified in the following:

American Council on Exercise for Personal Trainer and for Group Fitness Instructor

National Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Trainer

International Fitness Institute for Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Les Mills for Body Pump


Mary Booth, B.S.Ed, M.Ed, Registered Yoga Teacher(2002), Certified Thai-Yoga Body Worker (2006), Reiki I and II Practitioner (2008), Certified Health Coach (2016) has been teaching yoga in the Chester Springs area since 2001. She specializes in Vinyasa flow with a strong emphasis on alignment. Her style is bright, energetic, and soulful. Career highlight includes working as a yoga instructor for the Philadelphia Flyers Organization from 2008-2011.

Recently, Mary earned a certification as a Health Coach from the Health Coach Institute. She works with people interested in reawakening their commitment to healthy eating and vibrant living without deprivation dieting or militant exercise.

In her leisure, Mary enjoys nature, gardening, traveling, reading, art, and spending time with her pets. She also enjoys researching Ayurvedic doshas and the principals of Feng Shui.

Additionally, Mary is a Thai-Yoga body worker. She received her
certification from Michael Buck, a master in the field, in 2007 and 2010. Thai -Yoga body work is known to many as “Thai massage”. It is an interactive manipulation of the body using passive stretching and firm, but gentle pressure along the energy channels of the body.
Mary is also the yoga instructor for the Philadelphia Flyers. She has been with the Flyers Organization since 2008. Mary works with the team during the pre-season (July-September) providing them with the cross-training benefits of yoga and Thai-Yoga body work.
Currently Mary teaches four classes at Yoga @ Chester Springs in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.

Jessica Gannon

Hello! My name is Jessica Gannon, I am excited to be a part of the Summit Fitness and Yoga at Chester Springs community. I am the beginners yoga instructor. I went to West Chester University graduating in 2011 with a degree in Early Childhood and Special Education. For the past four summers, I created a yoga program for kids and got my yoga certification to teach kids teens and adults! I plan on doing another 200 hr training because I feel there is so much to learn about the human body and ways to move it, and am always a lifelong learner. I love sharing this practice with people and especially seeing kids be able to learn about it in a way that is fun for them. They can get their wiggles out using gross motor skills, as well as calm down doing breathing exercises (don't we all need that?!). I also got certified in Piyo which is a great stretching exercise put to fun music. See you on your mats. Thanks for sharing your practice with me.


Christa is a registered Yoga Instructor with a talent for motivating students with enthusiasm and encouragement. Challenging students to listen to their own bodies taking the poses to their edge or backing off a bit depending on what their body is telling them in each moment. She always offers great modifications too!


Hello, My name is Josh. I’ve been teaching Advanced Cycle at my local YMCA for the past 8 years and am excited to join Summit Fitness. I am a certified cycle instructor through Schwin. I have been a cross country coach, personal trainer, and boot camp instructor as well.

I have been involved in various forms of fitness for many years, but my true passion is long distance running. I have competed from every distance from the mile through multi-day competition. I have run more than 65 marathons and ultra-marathon during my time as a runner and have been competing in the sport since 1983 in various forms.

I have run the Boston and New York marathon and enjoy pushing myself to the limits of endurance. I have a marathon PR of 2:47:48 and a half marathon PR of 1:16:02. Over the past 11 years I have been involved in Ultra-marathons. I really enjoy the work an effort it take to see how far and fast I can run.

2013 was my breakout year and I won the 3 Days at the Fair 48 Race with 202 miles. This got me the invite to world championships in 2014 for 6 Day running at “The Dome” in Alaska which I placed 3rd with 465 miles and 2nd American. In 2015 I won the 3 Days at the Fair 72 Race with 293 miles beating the existing course record by 17 miles. In the September of 2015 I went to 24 Hour National Championships in Ohio and placed 4th with 128.5 miles.

I look forward to new races and challenges in competition ahead and hope to bring something new to Summit Fitness.

Lauren Gulotta

I have always led a healthy and active lifestyle, thanks to my parents and my upbringing. My father was in the Military and my Mother owned her own aerobics studio and taught all throughout her pregnancy with me. I was involved in dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and lacrosse when growing up. When I went to college I studied health promotion and education. I have a background in weight loss and management, health and wellness coaching and meal plan consulting. I have always had a desire to help others achieve their health goals and work to live an overall healthier and active lifestyle. Finally taking the leap to become an Instructor was a true awakening into what I felt was my calling and a way to reach even more people. Group exercise is more than just a great workout-it is about feeling the energy and music, motivating others, working as a team to push ourselves and feeling stronger in body, mind, and soul. I have always said that exercise can be the best form of therapy. I am a Certified Les Mills BodyCombat, BodyPump, and CXWorx Instructor. I pledge to always bring my best to each class, push you to give your all, and leave the room very sweaty!

Dora Flores

Born and raised abroad, I received my 200 Hour Teaching Training certificate in February, 2018, I'll always consider myself a student and practitioner of yoga I think your body is the teacher.

I found yoga at a pivotal point in my life and I credit it for getting me through challenging times.

It though me inner peace, calmness and I knew I wanted to give that gift to as many people as possible.
Finding inner strength in a tender, soft way is my and aim for my classes.

I have been practicing yoga for over seven years and I don't think I'll ever stop.

Her class environment is a place filled with peace, encouragement and positive energy.
My goal is to make any space a place to move, breathe nourish and celebrate.

Alyson Becker

Alyson began practicing yoga in 2004. She started as a dedicated vinyasa student, and refined her practice over the years. Her passion for yoga lead her to attain her 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certificate at Purenergy Studio in Paoli in 2017. She also completed Level 1 (45 hours) of Yoga Child teacher training in 2018. Alyson is a poised and approachable teacher. Her style is Vinyasa Flow, with intention to provide a practice of mind- body integration and balance.

Alyson resides in Phoenixville with her husband, daughter, and 3 pets.

Allie Insco

My real inspiration to become a group fitness instructor was my mother, Julie White. From the time I was a child, she taught various formats of group fitness classes. It wasn't until after high school that I become physically active. After gaining weight as a result of living an unhealthy lifestyle, I decided to attend my mom's Zumba class. I fell in love with fitness and becoming healthy. I graduated West Chester University with a Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics. I am currently certified in multiple group fitness formats including Les Mills, CXWorx, Zumba, Body Pump, Interval Format, Beachbody INSANITY and Beachbody Turbo-Kick.


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